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Special Flash Drive Designs

A new range of USB flash drives with original designs are commercially available today. These are small and elegant designs, these fantastic drives have a strong brand value in the market that is the perfect combination of style and affordability. It is a matter of convenience and style to have USB flash drive designs that are branded and are available at competitive prices. These drives represent high standards of reliability, usability and data protection. They have some great features such as an amazing data transfer rate of up to 30 mbps, total compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB1. The drives are have “hotswap” technology which permits the drive to be plugged in and removed from the computer without the necessity of shutting it down. They are PC or Mac compatible.
USB flash drives are a computer hardware component that feature a tiny printed circuit board to control the storage coupled with a USB connector. This basic case of USB flash drives are composed of a protective plastic, metal, or recycled cardboard. These days with rapidly advancing technologies, we have sophisticated and rugged USB flash drives entering the market each day in almost every shape or size.
We have a large variety of different designs and styles to choose from, plastic cases, metal cases, and drives housings that are constructed of leather and even eco friendly recycled cardboard cases for our earth friendly models.

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SE02 Available in White Black Silver Blue Pink & Purple SE12 Available in Black or White
SE01 Available in Black or White SE03 Available in Orange Blue & Green
SE04 Avaiable in Black or Blue SE05 Available only in Blue
SE06 Available in Black White & Blue SE08 Available only in White
SE11 Available in Black or White SE10 Available in Black or White
SE09 Available only in White
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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all Flash Drives.


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