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Fresh Flash Drive Choices

Recently, our company has been in the process of developing high quality USB flash drives at very competitive rates. Our hard work has paid off and we can offer our customers flash drives that are well suited to their needs at low prices. Available in many colors, the customers can personalize these pen drives with their company logo and contact details. The customized USB drives are very valuable items that can be offered to your company’s clients and business associates. Being very robust and long lasting, the pen drives are chic and very trendy. Giving the personalized pen drives as gifts will offer your company the opportunity to effectively create a brand value and a high re order rate amongst clients. In addition, giving pen drives is a very effective marketing medium to create a brand name for your company with present and future clients.

Our flash drives feature special designs with elegant appearances, large storage capacity, durability and sturdiness for a longer life. Another unique feature of the new range of USB flash drives is the ecological friendly usage of material during production. There is also a range of ultra slim designs and the choice of either being enclosed in leather, metal or plastic covers. USB drives transfer data at a speed of 30 mbps and are compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Powered through the USB port, our drives do not require any additional source of power. Additionally, because of its plug and play feature, the drives do not have to follow any long processes to be correctly installed.


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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all Flash Drives.



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