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Replication Asia> Global Logistics

Replication Asia partners with leading supply chain solution providers, to ensure you receive your order on time and in perfect condition. We understand how to coordinate the efficient movement of your order across time zones, cultures and languages, while managing tight delivery deadlines and optimizing supply chain performance.

Replication Asia utilizes its expertise and a global infrastructure of 200+ offices and agents, in more than 100 countries, to establish a competitive advantage for our customers. We provide transportation by air, sea, road and rail. Freight reaches its destination efficiently and in good order – on time, every time.


The companies that we use for transport are committed to operational excellence and superior customer service. Replication Asia’s network of global transportation professionals remain focused, providing on time delivery for our large base of regional and multi-national customers. Many businesses have unique requirements and a trusted partner is needed to execute seamless solutions.

Replication Asia maintains its loyal customer base by leveraging the collective knowledge and performance of each and every employee whose dedicated efforts result in total customer satisfaction. 

Replication Asia provides customers with personalized business solutions and service.