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Recent Flash Drive Designs

You don't need to look far today without seeing an eye-catching and colourful USB flash drive. Besides being attractive they show excellent performance. They are so reliable and functional. Ranging from capacities of 1GB to 32 GB, these drives are suitable for every requirement. They have a data transfer rate of 30MB/s. They may be used with  USB 1.1 and 2.0 as well. They are powered from the USB bus and work without needing to connect to an external power supply. They are easy to use plug-and-play USB flash drives. These are durable with superior data retention and extra storage.

If you want to give your clients personalized flash drives you can do so by using customized flash drives with which you can include your company logo and your contact details. This will have a long- lasting impression on them. The USB flash drives are trendy in looks at the same time providing durability and reliability. Such a gift would be memorable to your clients to help them remember your company's great services. The new choice in USB flash drives today is the Eco friendly USB drive. These drives have the dual benefit of providing superior technology and have a environmental sustainability casing construction.

The cases of our environment-friendly USB flash drives is made from recycled paper which has strength comparable metal or plastic when used in this manor. We have a significant section of basic units at present while we work on other sustainable products coming soon.Our new range consists of varied USB flash drives with beautiful designs. You will find their colours to be vibrant and designs to be eye-catching. You may also try out the extra thin USB flash drives we provide.

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SE17 Available in Red SE16 Available in White Green Black & Blue
SE15 Available in White & Blue SE14 Available in Black& Red
SWEOS3/G Available in Silver & Gold SE13 White Black Blue Green Purple Orange
SE19 Available in White Blue Pink Green & Purple SE18 Available in White and Black
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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all Flash Drives.



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