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Ecological Flash Drives

Care for the environment is more important today than ever and we are doing our best to help with these earth friendly USB drives. The cases of these drives are designed using recycled cardboard which is highly resistant to shock and damage. Since these materials are biodegradable there won't be any residue left to harm the environment. The USB flash drives are made up of cardboard that is obtained from the recycled stock which may otherwise be simply thrown on to the landfills.If you want to give a promotional gift to your client then you should consider our eco friendly models which are very popular these days. Our eco friendly USB flash drives work just the same way as ordinary USB flash drives but when it comes to the material that makes up the casings, they are made of eco friendly materials that create less harm to the environment.

We always consider what we can do to conserve our environment. That is the reason why we have been constantly supporting the use of products that are eco friendly. Providing these drives that use recycled cardboard for construction give you and your customers to also help with conservation of the earths resources.Our recycled products used for the casings provide great strength and shock absorption for the electronics inside , compared to plastic or metal casings. We are working to provide additional durable products to compliment our present smaller selection of basic units. These products will definitely be produced using recyclable materials and will be coming to you soon.

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E402 Available in Recycled Paper Colour E401 Available in Recycled Paper Colour
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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB Flash Drives.

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