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Replication Asia> Working With You

We’ll Carefully Manage Your Project From Start To Finish

At Replication Asia we discuss with you what is involved in the various aspects and stages of your replication project.

We maintain a carefully planned production process- from the initial planning, right through to a sucessful delivery - so you’ll know, in advance, exactly what is involved and how long it will take.

Here is an outline of the process we follow to ensure that your project is produced to a quality standard among the best in the Media Replication Industry.

Production Overview
Process Quality Control Measures
Gold Master Disk Format & Image Analysis
Virus Inspection
Checksum Evaluation
Stamper Visual Inspection
Glass Master Electrical & Physical Parameter Analysis
Replication 100% Online Machine Scan
Visual Inspection
Disk Format & Image Verify
Electrical & Physical Parameter Analysis
Binary & CRC Value Verification
Functional Test
Printing Incoming Inspection on Films
100% On-line ID Check
Color & Quality Inspection
Pre-Pack Inspection Visual Inspection
Off-line ID Check
Color & Quality Inspection
Packing Materials Quality Inspection
Pre-production Sample (if required)
CD Insertion Check (If applicable)
Packing High Precision Quantity Count
Packing Material Check and Balance
Weight Measure
Outgoing QC Quality Inspection
Quantity Inspection