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Replication Asia> Bulk CD & DVD Manufacturing

Replication Asia offers excellent deals on Bulk DVD Replication and Bulk CD Replication, printing and packaging.

We supply quality bulk order CDs and DVDs, produced to your exact specifications. Replicating and purchasing DVDs and CDs 'in bulk' means very competitive pricing to our valued customers. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn what what we can offer, with regards to your new marketing campaign and/or project requirements.

We offer competitive quotes and provide quality product. Bulk orders of 10 000 to 6 000 000 DVDs/ CDs, are usually processed and delivered within 30 days (international shipping times may vary). Larger quantities and packaging requests may take a little longer and you will be advised exact delivery times upon enquiry.

Bulk DVD replication allows us to work within an economy of scale to provide you the best price, while maintaining stringent quality standards. A glass master of your new DVD project produces consistent results, with all disks replicated in perfect quality.

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