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Replication Asia> Philsophy And Ethics

We believe that our first responsibility is to the content owners and our customers, who entrust us to manufacture their products in optical media format.

Our products will always be of the highest quality and we will constantly strive to reduce the cost of these products.

Our orders will be promptly, securely and accurately fulfilled.

Our second responsibility is to those who work with us - the men and women in our plants and offices.

Our workers have a sense of security in their jobs; wages are fair and adequate, management is just, hours are reasonable, and working conditions are clean and safe.

Employees have an organized system for suggestions and complaints. Supervisors and Department Heads are qualified and fair minded.

There is an opportunity for training and advancement for those who excel and are qualified. Each person is considered as an individual, on his/her own merit.

Our third responsibility is to the communities in which we live. We will be a good global corporate citizen - support good works and charity, and bear our fair share of taxes.

We treasure and maintain, in good order, the resources we are privileged to deploy.

We protect ourselves from un-ethical dealings, including: corruption, exploitation and dishonesty, in the course of conducting our business.

Our final responsibility is to our shareholders. Business will provide a return on shareholer investment, reserves will be created, research will be carried out for continuous improvement and adventurous programs will be developed.

We will experiment with new ideas.

We are determined to fulfill these obligations, to the best of our ability.