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The Difference between DVD Replication and DVD Duplication

Replication or Duplication are the correct terms for the two ways that CDs and DVD's are manufactured. . Both these terms are sometimes used interchangeably by people with no technical knowledge of the process and the exact difference between the two terms is subject of the video below . Which process is best for you CD or DVD project ? The below video on Replication vs Duplication will help answer your questions.

REPLICATION CD DVD Replication is the standard used to make mass quantities of CD's or DVD's. A “glass master” of your information is made which in turn producers “stampers” which are used for injection molding the information onto foil. Your DVD or CDs information is then covered by layers of hot polycarbonate . It is then lacquered. Because this process is fully automated, the cost per unit becomes very affordable on orders generally greater than 1000 pieces.
Orders larger than 10 000 units are our specialty

DUPLICATION CD DVD Duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CD’s or DVD's are usually manufactured. We do not provide duplication services, due to compatability issues with various CD and DVD players with this technology

With CD or DVD duplication you are starting the process with pre-manufactured blank recordable discs DVD R or CDR + or - , the data is “burned” on to a dye layer under the surface of the discs. The data life can vary depending on the brand and the quality of the disks . The process takes up to several minutes per disc depending on the speed of the recorder and the amount of information you are recording. Then you can apply a sticker or print the disk if you have a disk with a printable surface .