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DVD Slim Line Case

The DVD Slimline case holds a single DVD with the security of the patented central mounting point that not only holds the disc in place but prevents damage to the disc by holding securely suspended away from other surfaces. Manufactured from extremely tough poly vinyl makes this case crush and impact resistant making this case a great option when protection and longevity are the primary concern for your DVDs.

DVD Standard Clear Case
DVD Slim Line Case
DVD Standard Clear Case Closed DVD Standard Clear Case Standing Open
DVD Slim Line Case
The closed case.
DVD Slim Line Case
Open and standing.
Other DVD Packaging Options
DVD Standard Case DVD Digipac DVD Cardboard Wallet with Sleeve
DVD Standard Case DVD Digipac DVD Cardboard Wallet with Sleeve

The Standard Single DVD case is perhaps the most commonly seen DVD packaging. Used especially in the distribution of feature films.

The DVD Digipac is one of the most popular forms of DVD packaging and widely regarded as a premium packaging option. The DVD Cardboard Wallet reduces the total weight of a DVD project for distribution down to s standard letter rate.

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