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DVD Standard Single Case

The Standard Single DVD case is perhaps the most commonly seen DVD packaging. Used especially for the distribution of feature length movies in movie retail and rental outlets, this style of case provides fundamental protection for the disc, including a central spring clip "keeper" system that not only locks the disc into the case but prevents the disc from being scratched. It also allows the disc to be safely placed in and taken out of the case without out damage.

DVD Single Standard Case
DVD Standard Single Clear Case
DVD Single Standard Case Standing DVD Single Standard Case Lying Open
DVD Standard Single Clear Case
Shown with case open
standing on end.
DVD Standard Single Clear Case
Lying flat and open with
printed disc visable.
Other DVD Packaging Options
DVD Standard Black Case DVD Double Jewel Case DVD Double Black Case
DVD Standard Black Case DVD Double Jewel Case DVD Double Black Case
With your beautifully printed artwork slipped
into the clear sleeve
cover, this solid reliable case will carry your project safley forward into your market.
The DVD Double Jewel Case option is extension
of the original jewel case. When you heve the need to include 2 discs in your project this is great option to meet your need.
The solid reliabilty of the standard black case is echoed here in the DVD black multi case. The rugged black multi case gives the rugged reliability.


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