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DVD Digipak

The DVD Digipak is one of the most popular forms of DVD packaging and widely regarded as a premium packaging option. By increasing the printable areas available on the case the Digipak makes it possible to include a far greater amount of artwork or printed information to accompany your project. The main body of the case is a heavy grade board stock, further protected with a plasticized UV resistant coating.

DVD Digipac
DVD Digipak
DVD Digipac Lying Flat DVD Digipac Standing
DVD Digipac Digipak
shown opened up
and lying down.
DVD Digipak
Standing on it's end.
Other DVD Packaging Options
DVD Clamshell Case DVD Multi Clear Case DVD Mailer
DVD Clamshell Case DVD Multi Clear Case DVD Mailer
An extremely eye catching promotional idea for getting your message or digital content to market. Again a great case that gives great disc protection. Our DVD multi cases will hold up to 10 discs in the same safety and security of our standard single cases. A great way of packaging a series of discs. The DVD Mailer is a highly attractive way of managing your DVD mail out . The envelope keeps this whole package together all along maintaining a very good looking package.

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