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DVD Postcard Mailer

The DVD postcard is great way to distribute your sales message via the digital content of your project and the printed material that makes up the mailer case. Despite the huge area available for your printed message and being able to safely hold a DVD disk for mailing, these mailer cases still qualify as standard letters which of course keeps your postal charges as low as possible. These postcard mailers are a great way to get your message to your market.

DVD Postcard Mailer
DVD Postcard Mailer
CD Postcard Mailer CD Postcard Mailer
CD Postcard Mailer
Closed and lying flat.
CD Postcard Mailer
Lying flat and open.
Other DVD Packaging Options
DVD PVC Mailer Case DVD Cardboard Wallet with Sleeve DVD PVC Wallet
DVD Mailer DVD Cardboard Wallet with Sleeve DVD PVC Wallet
The PVC Mailer is another highly attractive way of managing your DVD mail out requirements. The printed material can be co-ordinated on the DVD disc.

The DVD Cardboard Wallet reduces the total weight of a DVD project for distribution down to s standard letter rate.

The DVD PVC Wallet is great way to save on your print and postal costs. A smart looking package this case offers excellent protection.


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