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CD Square Clamshell

The Square CD Clamshell Case gives incredible protection for your disc. Our CD Clamshell Case is a great way to protect your disc from the outside world and at the same time ensure your project has a eye catching point of difference. The flexible polypropylene material is not prone to cracking and the extra seal around the edges ensure your disc remains free from dust. Minimal size and weight, this case has all the boxes ticked.

DVD Square Clamshell Case
CD Square Clamshell
DVD Square Clamshell Case standing open. DVD Square Clamshell Case Lying open.
CD Square Clamshell
Shown standing open.
CD Square Clamshell
Lying open.
Other CD Packaging Options
CD Mini Specialty Shape CD Digipac CD Slimline Case
CD Mini Specialty Shape CD Digipac CD Slimline Case
When your media needs to be delivered with that special point of difference, a specialty shape mini CD will ensure people take a second look at your product. Premiere packaging to accompany your valuable content. When used to package an album the CD Digipac also allows so much more space to include your artwork, lyrics and photographs. The CD Slimline Case offers all the good things that come with a CD Standard Jewel Case with a substantially reduced weight component. Available in a variety of colours.


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