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CD PVC Wallet

With your project ready to go in these PVC Wallets you'll know you have a lightweight solution for the distribution of your disc. Low mailing costs and yet a heavy duty PVC case that with provides an excellently rugged envelope. Printing cost for your project are minimised as you can see the print perfectly through the wallet itself.

DVD PVC Wallet
CD PVC Wallet
DVD PVC Wallet with disc in place. CD PVC Wallet case open
CD PVC Wallet
Pictured here half way
out of the wallet.
CD PVC Wallet
Case open.
Other CD Packaging Options
CD Didgipac CD Clamshell Case CD Mini Specialty Shape
CD Didgipac CD Clamshell Case CD Mini Specialty Shape
Premiere packaging to accompany your valuable content. When used to package an album the CD Digipac also allows so much more space to include your artwork, lyrics and photographs Our CD Clamshell Case is a great way to protect your disc from the outside world and at the same time ensure your project has a eye catching point of difference. When your media needs to be delivered with that special point of difference, a specialty shape mini CD will ensure people take a second look at your product.


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